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Art Pharma® LUGOL'S IODINE SOLUTION | Ingredients

Art Pharma® LUGOL'S IODINE SOLUTION | Premium Ingredients
Our LUGOL'S IODINE premium quality pharmaceutical grade iodine and potassium iodide are difficult to source due to availability and pricing fluctuations in stable and unstable market conditions. Since Prilled Iodine is a natural resource that requires mining, in times of conflict or unfortunate nuclear fallout such as Fukushima Japan 2011, its availability becomes complicated. When an incident looms, pharmaceutical companies will reserve the output for production, causing the availability and pricing to fluctuate. Art Pharma® maintains adequate inventory levels in all market conditions. Consumers, distributors, resellers, and healthcare professionals can count on us to fulfill orders year round. 

Art Pharma® Iodine Prilled
Iodine Prilled USP/ACS/EP Grade + 99.8 % (Chile)

Iodine is a relatively rare mineral on Earth and in the rest of our solar system. In fact, most of the iodine present on this planet is in the ocean in ionic form. Iodine can also be found in the soil, although the concentration of the element varies considerably by location. U.S. Geological Survey reports that iodine is available in mineral form from several countries around the world, including Chile, China, Japan, and Russia.

We exclusively source and use the iodine used to manufacture our LUGOL'S IODINE SOLUTIONS from Chile, a country in South America that mines the largest reserves and highest quality iodine on Earth. Due to availability issues that range from federal laws, and the fact that iodine is difficult to source, then import the extremely rare, high-quality iodine from the Atacama Salt Desert in northern Chile - the location of the largest natural iodine deposit. There, the highest quality iodine mined from the reserves of caliche ore.

When our iodine is imported, it arrives in prilled form, making it easy-to-handle and dissolve when manufacturing begins. Prilled form iodine means small, solid grey spheres, or "prills” in USP/ACS/EP grade, which means that it meets standards for quality set by the United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP), the American Chemical Society (ACS) and the European Pharmacopoeia (EP). We have secured and established relationships allowing year-round access to this valuable raw material in stable and unstable market conditions.

Art Pharma® Potassium Iodide USP
Potassium Iodide BP/EP/USP 99 % - 100.5 % (North America)

Potassium iodide, an inorganic compound comes in the form of a white salt. Potassium Iodide is produced industrially and also occurs naturally in kelp. Most internet sellers acquire Potassium Iodide originating from kelp or unknown and unregistered sources, due to cost and availability concerns. Potassium Iodide manufactured from kelp is well documented to be of lower quality and may contain higher toxicity levels because kelp grows in the ocean. Art Pharma® sources Potassium Iodide from a North American partner. Potassium Iodide we use to manufacture our Natural Health Products (NHPs) is also of USP grade. Never sourced or imported from China, Japan or Russia nor from unknown or undocumented manufacturers. This key ingredient is an integral part of the GMP manufacturing process and comes to us in the form of a pure white crystalline powder, never in low-quality crude or chunky form.

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